SUSQUEHANNOCK Tribe of Florida

The Susquehannock Tribe of Florida.

Is dedicated to restore true native American spirituality. By facilitating a tribal structure, ceremonies and rituals that help people to come at their full capacity, so that they can walk a path of beauty.

Chief Piercing Eyes
The revival of the tribe started with the vision of Chief Piercing Eyes.
He wanted to make able a way to live an authentic spiritual path based on the spiritual principles of the Native Americans. A tribe that is open to everybody who is dedicated to walk a spiritual path. Not depending on race, mixed blood or … Also not stuck to a form for the form sake but an authentic revival by shaping the tribe as it always have been done through visions and dreaming.

He dedicated himself completely to this mission supported by his wife early spring. He was also co-founder of the PAIA Pan American Indian Association. When he retired he asked Dancing Thunder to become the principal chief of the Florida Susquehannock tribe and restore it into a full tribe again.
Chief Dancing Thunder took this on and started to bring people back to their full potential. If you want anything real to happen that is what needs to be done first.
Slowly this takes form now and this is expressed by the forming of medicine societies.
Lately everything started to go faster and the medicine wheel of the tribe is starting to grow bigger and bigger. Now people are joining the ceremonies and teachings from six different countries in Europe

The Montana project
Since 2009 the Montana project initiated. The Montana project is initiated as a way to bring back the original teachings and ceremonies in their full strength to the native people who are willing. It is seen as a part of fulfilling the prophecies as transferred by the Algonquian prophets. That now is the time to bring back these ancient wisdom and start to live in more harmonic way with the Earth. It is now needed more then ever.

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