SUSQUEHANNOCK Tribe of Florida

These three days are suitable for healers who would like to support others with their traumas and trauma processes and to help them to solve the trauma. This teaching is specially valuable for therapists, healers and doctors. The teachings will be focused on ancient shamanic healing arts and healing methods.

I would like to personally invite all healers and therapists to the special Trauma Healing Teachings. The earth has moved into the age of ancient and traditional healing. This means that our most ancient and traditional healing arts are returning to the earth along with the great healers and the keepers of ancient healing ceremonies and rituals. In this upcoming Trauma Healing we will be experiencing new rituals and ceremonies that have been kept so that they can be brought back and given to all healers of the earth.

One of the important major rituals at this time is The bringing back of ancient medicines. In this ritual we will connect with the gifts and ancestors of your own personal healing tradition and we will lay these ancient medicines down on the earth together. With this ritual we will be Initiated into the great age of ancient medicines that we are presently moving into.

I will be looking forward to celebrating the new year with these teachings with you.

We Are All Related
Chief DancingThunder