SUSQUEHANNOCK Tribe of Florida

Full Moon by Chief Dancing Thunder is the authentic tribal way of using the medicine wheel, and a sharing of the knowledge of the great North American medicine wheels. It is a powerful and authentic tool for use alone or in assembled groups. The depth of the energy in this recording is real and electric, based as it is on an ancient and extensive knowledge and experience. The drum calls the spirits of the animals in the four wind directions. It begins first in the north with the deer, continues on in the direction of the sun to call the spirit of the spotted eagle in the east, and then calls the running wolf in the southern wind direction, and finally the spirit of the black bear in the west. The west is the tribal healing direction.


Based around a repetitive beat, we tune in and our body responds as the drum carries us into a dreaming or trance state or frequency, to a theta frequency below alpha. This is a natural physical response, and the reason why such drumming was common to most peoples.
The intention of the CD is to spread and promote friendship between all peoples, which was also the original purpose of the Native Americans 400 years ago. The title came during a medicine wheel ceremony in a summer sweat lodge. In the Susquehannock Medicine Wheel, the ancestor in the west is Grandmother Laughing Moon. She represents the full moon, and is a loving, humorous and very strong ancestor. She came, laughing and old with wisdom, waving this CD in her hand and said it was for healing. She blessed it and then gave its title, Full Moon. The full moon in Native American spirituality is a time of healing.
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