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The Four Classical Ceremonies of the Medicine Wheel

These four ceremonies give a thorough understanding of perceptual learning of the meaning and depth of North American knowledge and spirituality bringing us back to even the ice age.

The classical medicine wheel teachings when completed make it possible to have a deep insight to all tribal ceremonies and rituals in North America and in fact in other indigenous cultures as well. These classical teachings are the beginning of the way to understand the way of true medicine that is returning to the earth through the prophecies and the keepers and teachers of these ancient ceremonies. We can understand our relationship with the earth and all living things with these learning ways to a very deep and personal level.

The Classic Teachings, start by building a Personal Medicine Wheel representing four wind directions. The center where you are sitting represents the exact center of everything that exists.
The medicine wheel ceremonies are split into two groups of ceremonies, the first two groups are what we would call perceiving directly out OF the wind directions. The first two ceremonies are, ceremonies that actually line out the four wind directions and using chants and drums move us into one of the four natural elevated states of perception, so that we can "see" with our extra sensory perception.

In the first ceremony you perceive your true personal medicine colors that represent each wind direction. These medicine colors give us the spirit and healing colors so that we can again make our ceremonial regalia as well as all of our personal medicine objects (drums, rattles etc.) Exactly the same way our ancestors did.

The Four natural states of elevated perception are:
One, the elevated state of perception called Medicine Awareness
Two, The elevated state of perception called Medicine Dreaming
Three, the perceptual state of Medicine Visions
Four, out of the body knowledge, journeys of the spirit.

The second ceremony is the ceremony of perceiving and meeting with the representative totems from the animal world that represent each wind direction. In this ceremony we will learn the true meaning of our hunters relationships with the animals of the earth. This is a moving and spectacular ceremony. With a direct connection to the Spirit's of our close relations in the animal world, for example, The Bear, The Eagle, The Wolf, and many others we will understand and begin to put together our personal medicines. We will gain insight and understand how in the past the great classical medicines like the Eagle Medicine or the Bear Medicine.

The third ceremony is the ceremony of finding true personal medicine by actually moving your perception into the wind direction itself in the company of one of your personal totems to guide you and explain to you and the meaning of you personal medicines. In this ceremony by drumming and chants we use states of elevated perception to actually move into a spiritual reality. So in this ceremony we use the second way of perceiving, that is actually moving with the perception into a spiritual reality.

The first two ceremonies are receiving perception. The second two ceremonies we use the perception by actually moving into the wind directions themselves.

The fourth ceremony is the celebration of the clans of our earliest ancestors. In this ceremony we again actually move into the wind direction being guided your personal totem. In each wind direction we will be reunited with the clans and families of our early ancestors. These grandfathers and grandmothers will be bringing gifts of medicine, symbols, designs, and family spiritual objects of that you can put your family medicine back together and walk again in the footsteps of our grandfathers and grandmothers.

Each of the classical medicine wheel ceremonies are a full day of teaching ceremonies and celebrating together. Usually we start at nine or 10 in the morning and are finished about seven o'clock in the evening. These classical teachings and ceremonies can be understood and followed by young people starting at 14 years old after that there is no age limit. There will be plenty of time for questions and just talking.

Ceremonies over the whole world have been used to bring people together to celebrate together and become lifelong friends with one another by understanding one another and sharing experiences and discoveries and just genterally having a good time together.
This is the true way of the Native American to share what we have with others to help one another to grow and understand our relationship with the Earth and all things that exist. Actually, there is no better way to learn this then to participate in friendship together in the ancient rituals of our ancestors.
These four classical medicine teachings have been taught for more than 35 years in the USA and Europe and formed many lifelong friendships between all peoples with a great understanding of our connection to the earth and each other. the rituals are sut up as 1234. So you have to start with one and two, and then complete with three, and four.

I will leave you with something my father taught me...
My father taught me that we must use humor to balance out the awesomeness of the great mysteries.

I'm looking forward to meeting each and every one of you, to learn who you are so that we may walk this beautiful Earth together.
We Are One People - We Are All Related
Chief Dancing Thunder

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