SUSQUEHANNOCK Tribe of Florida

The Teachings of Dancing Thunder

Since all of the teachings, ceremonials, rituals I have been doing in these last years are getting into very advanced and sometimes complicated rituals and teachings, I thought it would be a good idea to explain how the teachings are put together.

All the teachings are related directly to one another and are coupled together like a train.

So it goes like this: the first teachings are the Ancient Medicine Wheel Teachings of the Ancestors (in the brochures classical medicine wheel teachings).

These four teachings contain all the knowledge of the spirituality and structure of all Native American Rituals and ceremonies. Everything you would need to understand sweat lodge ceremonies, advanced rituals, indigenous Native American healing arts, are contained in these four major medicine wheel rituals. They have been designed by myself and set up for this purpose so that the participants can easily move into the major sweat lodge rituals, as well as he advanced medicine wheel rituals and have a thorough understanding of Native American healing and it's Shamanistic way of working.

So literally the teachings of Dancing Thunder looks like this:
Ancient Medicine Wheel Teachings of the Ancestors
The Major Tribal Totem Sweat Lodges
Advanced Medicine Wheel Rituals
Advanced Totem Lodges
Very Advanced Medicine Rituals including Rituals in Nature.

The Indigenous Native American Healing Arts for healers look this way:
Novice Healing Rituals through Native American Shamanism
Three day Healing Intensive
Advanced healing rituals
Very Advanced Healing Intensive.

Outside of this line there is Dancing Thunder's Trauma Healing for professionals (working therapists, doctors etc.)
For the general public there is Dancing Thunder's Weaving Magic and Self-Healing

Anyone wanting to learn the knowledge and spirituality and healing arts of the North American Indians should follow this line as closely as they can.
In other words if you have not participated in the Ancient Medicine Wheel Ceremonies of the Ancestors,( the Classical Teachings) than it would be difficult to really understand the advanced sweat lodges or medicine wheel rituals.

I have worked consistently for 40 years to put together the true ancient way of teaching so that Native American spirituality and knowledge is available to all people on a level that everyone can understand and mostly enjoy. As many of us that have become tribal members and others that have participated for many years in these teachings know, there is a special bond of friendship that is formed between all participants that forms lifelong family friendships. And, this is the character and purpose of the Native American Indian. So I hope this will help you to understand the teachings and so you can all enjoy and learn this fascinating way of teaching knowledge.

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